Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from various times and places. Click here to see a slide show of all my photos on Flickr!

Larka, September 2011

Lamar and Keila, July 2011

Flint, July 2011

Keila and Kavik, July 2011

48 mile training run 2009-2010 season.

Zina leading 3 of her 4 brothers around the yard, this litter just turned two

first 12 dog team I ran, 2010/2011 season

first time I ever ran eight dogs, I was 9

Training run, 2009/2010 season

right after a 50 mile training run, getting ready to go again

12 dog team resting between 50 mile runs, 2010/2011


  1. Your pups are beautiful! :)

    • Thank you! They’re such fun animals to work with!

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