Posted by: stormblaze | February 13, 2012

Trip to Alaska Day 1

we just left the awards presentation and we’re headed to Alaska! we’re just about to the Canadian border and it’ll probably take five days to get to all! more soon!! my parents friend Katt posted this story about the race, here

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  1. Dear Ayana,

    We are in the Second Grade in Maryaland. We have been reading the book Balto and now are very excited about watching you in the Jr. Iditarod.We think you will do great in the Jr. Ididitarod.We hope you win!!!.what are some of your dogs names? Who is your favorite? Have you ever gotton tired during the race? What do you do when you get tired? How many dogs are you planing to start with? What is the hardest part ?
    Grier and Gabby

    • I’m glad you guys found my website and it’s great that you’re following me on my trip to Alaska! I love balto! the balto movies were what got me interested in dog sledding. I get tired a lot, when I was 12 years old I was running the second half of a 100 mile race at five o’ clock in the morning/middle of the night. I literally started to fall asleep while driving the dogs. I was so tired, and cold, that was probably the hardest point in my dog sledding history. I have a lot of favorites, my top favorites have to be Roxie, dingo, kymani, warrior, sprite, bonanza, and bo. and of course, a love my nine puppies (Lamar, keila, kinta, larka, dodge, Harley, flint, Kavik, and Ashton) a ton!!! I have to make this post short but i’ll be able to answer more questions when I get onto a laptop because right now I’m on a phone. we’re in Alaska now! only six days to jr. Iditarod!!

  2. Best wishes on your first junior iditarod. I am teaching a literature class around the iditarod race and the book Winterdance. Perhaps some of my students can blog with or email you to find out what your experience was like:) Thanks much for replying..

    • Thank you :) The days are going by so fast now that I’m in Alaska! I’ve read the book Winterdance close to ten times, haha. I’d love if some of your students blogged here and asked me some questions, I have some extra time to reply to comments and questions here on the website now that we are settled in the house we are staying in in Alaska! I’ll be updating my site today!

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