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An Upcoming Competitive Kennel

My name is Aiyana Ferraro, and for the last six years I have competed in races of all types from right here in Montana all the way to Alaska. Starting out in the four dog as a nine year old girl, I have now succeeded in:

  • Finishing the 160 mile Jr. Iditarod in Alaska as the youngest competitor.
  • Holding the record for the youngest musher to ever run the 100 mile Jr. Race to the Sky.
  • Along with the a first place at this race last year (making me defending champion).
  • Highest placing American at the 2012 Flathead Sled Dog Days.
  • A Humanitarian Award (good sportsmanship)
  • The Veterinarian Award (for best dog care of a team during a race).
  • And countless other achievements as a result of the opportunities this sport has presented me.

I now have a group of dogs capable of racing in some of the most competitive races this sport has to offer. I am looking for support from sponsors to help me in reaching these goals, and as a growing name especially here in Montana I am able to offer advertisement and recognition for all contributions.


Click on “Become a Sponsor” to donate! Thanks!!


Click here to see a full list of donors!

Northwind Sleds/Northwind Distributing

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1st and 2nd place wins!!

This morning, Aiyana won the 100-mile Junior Race to the Sky, arriving in Seeley Lake at 6:09 a.m.!! Last weekend, she placed 2nd in the Cascade Quest! Photos and more coming soon!

Follow Aiyana and her dogs at Storm Blaze Kennels, here:


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2013 Darby Dog Derby

I placed third in the Darby Dog Derby, held this past weekend, January 19th and 20th at Lost Trail Pass, Montana. I raced in the 8-dog class with a lot of new dogs and leaders. My friend Grace ran a team of my dogs in the 6-dog class and came in 4th. Here’s a few photos of race, but you can see them all on my Facebook page, here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Prepping paws for the race

Prepping paws for the race

They get excited, to say the least!

They get excited, to say the least!

Roxie is a beautiful dog!

Roxie is a beautiful dog!

Aiyana Ferraro leaves the start of the 2013 Darby Dog Derby

Leaving the starting gate on Day 2

Aiyana Ferraro races in the 2013 Darby Dog Derby

Nearing the finish

Dingo even after the race

Dingo even after the race

Aiyana Ferraro at the 2013 Darby Dog Derby

Taking off harnesses

Aiyana Ferraro at the 2013 Darby Dog Derby

Caring for paws post-race

I placed third this year

I placed third this year

Aiyana Ferraro at the 2013 Darby Dog Derby

Me, Grace, Bonanza and Dingo at the start of the Pee Wee race

Here's my brother in the Pee Wee race - he's happy!

Here’s my brother in the Pee Wee race – he’s happy!

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Race Summary

The morning of the Jr. Iditarod Race start went by in a blur. My dad woke me up and left me with just enough time to throw on my race clothes and eat some oat meal (oat meal is the only thing relatively close to healthy that I’ll eat the morning of a race start, because I’m always kind of nervous). We got to the race start with two hours until my scheduled starting time, and I had fun going around and talking to some of the other mushers and getting everything ready for the race. Before I knew it my dogs were directed into the starting chute and I needed five or six people to help hold my team back until the countdown was finished. The dogs started going crazy when the countdown began, they know what that means. 3, 2, 1, GO! The dogs shot out of the starting chute and we were off blazing down the trail.

The trail to Yentna was beautiful, and I traveled with other mushers almost the entire way. My dogs were running strong in 6th place until we got to the Yentna River. My dogs got mixed up in snow over their heads and it took me close to a half hour to get the dogs back on the right trail and untangled. In that time two teams had passed me and I ended up behind two positions.

We got into Yentna just before it started getting dark and I bedded my dogs down and started heating the water for their food. Originally I planned to get out my sleeping bag and try to get some sleep, but as i finished taking care of my dogs I realized I probably wasn’t going to get any sleep. Conway and Bailey (two other mushers in the Jr. Iditarod) had built a fire and I decided I may as well go and hang out with them by the fire. We had a good time and I didn’t start to get tired until it was almost time for me to go.

I started out of Yentna at around 4 in the morning and I had to run in three hours of darkness. I fell asleep a few times during that early morning and I was very relieved when the sun came up. It snowed all day and everybody was running slow because we were all pushing a lot of snow and breaking a lot of trail. At one point I came up on a trail volunteer that had lost the trail. It was windy and the snow made it hard to see anything. I put my best lead dog in single lead and let her choose which way she thought the trail went. After a halfhour we started seeing trail markers again and I knew we were on the right trail.

By the time we reached the finish line I had been running for almost 14 hours straight! By far the longest run of my life! We got the the finish line and I ran inside to catch the awards banquet. I ended up placing 8th with a total time of about 1 day and 16 hours. It was a great race and I’m already planning for next year! I have to give a special thanks to my team; Deluxe, Hawk, Schnitz, Kymani, Mason, Warrior, Bonanza, Bo, Sprite, and Dingo.

I’d also like to thank my sponsors, my family, everyone involved in the 2012 Jr. Iditarod, and all the support I’ve gotten from my friends and the community!!! I couldn’t do this without all of you!

Photos from the finish coming soon!! :)

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Race Update!


Here’s the link to the race GPS tracker! ((Race on now!!))

Jr Iditarod GPS Tracker

Here’s some photos from yesterday’s start!
jriditarod-vetcheckDingo at the vet check on Friday

jriditarod-sunrisemorning of the race

jriditarod-finalcheckDad and I discuss mandatory bag items

jriditarod-bagcheckBag check!

jriditarod-interviewmedia interview is part of the deal

jriditarod-flagsRepresenting Montana!

jriditarod-startRace start!!

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Track Aiyana Live!

Here’s the link to the race GPS tracker! Race on now!!

GPS Tracker

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Time to Race!

Hey guys! I can’t believe how fast this week went by! After settling in, we ran the dogs on three training runs at the nearby Aurora Mushers track, which accesses the Iditarod trail. We were lucky as this was only 15 minutes from our cabin! The first run we only ran about 10 miles. On the second day, we ran a 40-mile run, out to the Nome sign and back. Yesterday (Thursday), we had planned to only run a 25 to 30 miler, but ended up running another 40 miles. From 6 to 9 yesterday we went to the rookies’ meeting, where we learned about what to do when Moose are on the trail, trail markings, and “how to put booties on your dog” (this was funny since I already know how to bootie my dogs!) Today we went to the vet check and the mandatory mushers meeting – whew! Tonight I’m getting my mandatory gear lined up and we’ll be getting up early tomorrow to head to the race! Thanks to everyone for their support, and wish me luck tomorrow!

Here’s my final (10-dog) lineup!
Lead: Sprite, Dingo
Point: Mason, Warrior
Team: Rainbow, Bananza
Deluxe, Schnitz
Wheel: Hawk, Kymani

(Off: Zephyr, Cosby, Roxie)

Here’s some photos from this weeks’ training! I’ll post a video soon! Check out the rest of my photos on my Flickr Photostream!

Training-Jr-Iditarod-Aurora-2-2012-6Dogs get real excited at hook-up

Training-Jr-Iditarod-Aurora-2-2012-111st 40-miler



Race-2-NomeRace to Nome…

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2012 Race to the Sky Photos

Here’s some photos of the 2012 Race to the Sky by Long Ear Photography!

Race to the Sky Photos

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Day 6 – Tok to Wasilla – we made it!

Day 6 – Tok, Alaska, to Wasilla, Alaska!! Feb. 18, 2012

Tok, AKMushing in Tok, Alaska
Aiyana mushing in Tok, Alaska
Mushing in Alaska

We woke up in Tok and went to the sprint racing track were the Tok Race of Champions is held! We ran the 8 mile loop and I ran a ten dog team. It was the best trail I’ve ever run on, and it was super fast! We got to Wasilla after dark, after a long day of driving, and we were lucky enough to find a Taco Bell! We got settled into the cabin we’re staying at and ended up getting to sleep at 3 in the morning.

Check out the rest of my photos on my Flickr Photostream!

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Day 5 – Whitehorse to Tok

Day 5 – Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to Tok, Alaska (386 miles, 622km) Feb. 17, 2012

new-trailer-tiresNew tires and wheels for the trailer

Alaskan HighwayAlaskan Highway
Me and Dad in B.C.
Sunset on the ice roadIce Road truckin’

After Dad got four new wheels and tires for the trailer, we got back on the road and drove toward Alaska. This part of the highway was mostly ice-covered and we were surrounded by the amazing mountains of the St. Elias Range. Well after dark we left Canada and crossed into Alaska! We stopped in Tok for the night. After I get Day 6 posted I will post photos and videos of the training we’ve been doing this week in Wasilla!

Check out the rest of my photos on my Flickr Photostream!

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Day 4 – Fort Nelson to Whitehorse

Day 4: Fort Nelson, British Columbia to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (537 miles, 864km) Feb. 16, 2012

AKhwy3Goats along the Alaskan Highway
GraphicsWe added some sweet graphics to the truck :)
Monster_Cinnamon_bunsMonster cinnamon buns!!
Roadside-bisonBison in the Yukon
Flat-2-and-3Flats 2 and 3


We woke up and left the parking lot we’d slept in at the crack of dawn. We started onto the Alaskan Highway, and started seeing lots of wild life; including a herd of Bison just off the side of the highway. We stopped and bought three huge cinnamon buns, but it ended up taking me, my dad, and Daryl to eat just one. We put the other two next to the heater in the truck and ended up giving one to Team Bailey. We got one flat just before Toad River, and as the evening went on we kept getting flats. Me and Bailey were asleep by ten o’ clock pm, but our parents and handlers didn’t get to sleep until four in the morning. By the end of it all we ended up with five flat tires, but we ended up being able to reach a town before we ran out of spares and plugs. Today (Tuesday 2/21) we’re heading out on a training run so I’ll post more later!

See all the photos on my Flickr Photostream!

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