It’s interesting to participate in a sport that none of your peers are involved in. While my friends have to get up early for practice, I’ve already been up for an hour taking care of the dogs. When they check out a sports uniform, I’m on my third layer of clothing preparing for a run at -10 degrees. “Participating” in dog sledding is an understatement, mushing is a lifestyle and anyone who owns and runs sled dogs knows this well. That being said, it is the single most rewarding and incredible aspect of my young life and it’s worth all the time, effort, and expense. I’m 16, and I’ve been running dogs since I was 9. By the time I am 18, which is in less that 2 years, I will have been racing sled dogs for the same amount of time I was alive before I got into the sport.

I started out running local races, entering the 4 dog class with 3. My ambition and competitiveness started to grow and soon the size of my team did. I’ve now competed in races of up to 12 dogs, and up to a distance of 160 miles. I have my sights set on some of the sports premier races, including:

-The IPSSSDR (Wyoming Stage Stop)

-Anchorage Fur Rondezvous

-Top 3 finish at Eagle Cap Extreme (100)

-Many others.

Wish me luck and follow my progress via this site or facebook! Also, any support is greatly appreciated. Visit the “Become a Sponsor” page if you are interested in supporting me and the team.


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